What is the Spectank® system?

Spectank® is an insulated stainless steel soak tank with a thermostatically controlled heating element.

CARBSOLVE® is a non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable cleaning powder, specifically formulated to remove ”Black Carbon”.

Together, Spectank® and CARBSOLVE® will clean black carbon and sanitise your cooking and baking equipment.

How does a Spectank® work?

  • A Spectank® is filled with water and CARBSOLVE®.
  • The solution is heated to 80°C, ensuring that harmful bacteria will be killed.
  • Soiled items are soaked in this solution for a period of 1 to 24 hours depending on the severity of the “Black Carbon” build up.
  • These cleaned and sanitised items are removed and rinsed off with fresh water.
  • Without the use of harsh chemicals and valuable staff time, your items are now ready for use.
  • CARBSOLVE® has activators which are released at various stages ensuring that the solution remains active for a full month.
  • On a monthly cycle, a technician will service your Spectank® which includes draining, cleaning and refilling the tank as well as all repairs and maintenance.
  • A Spectank® is available in five standard sizes or it can be custom designed, depending on kitchen requirements.

Spectank® is much more than just a cleaning system. Our business model has been developed to make sure that you get maximum return from your investment. Spectank® operates as an asset to your business.

Before and After Spectank® Black Carbon Removal

Hygienic Solution

With a sharp focus on hygiene in a kitchen environment, it is vitally important to cook with clean equipment.

A Spectank® will do the sanitising for you. At a temperature of 80°C, the solution of CARBSOLVE® and water will kill harmful bacteria and germs.

After a simple soak, your items will be disinfected and ready for use.

A Spectank® will improve hygiene standards in your kitchen.

Saves Time and Money

Effective cleaning is essential to ensure the safety and hygiene of a kitchen but conventional methods can be dangerous, costly and time consuming.

A Spectank® works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and reduces the cost of labour, chemicals, water and electricity required to clean black carbon and sanitise equipment.

Cleaning in a tank soak application, as opposed to scrubbing, extends the lifespan of equipment and reduces replacement costs.

A Spectank® effectively cleans filters thereby eliminating the need to outsource this costly function.

Owing to the convenience, ease and speed of use, the Spectank® cleaning methodology will free up valuable time in your kitchen. This allows your employees to focus on value-adding activities, resulting in increased job satisfaction, skills development and reduced staff turnover.

Environmentally Friendly

One application of CARBSOLVE® in a Spectank® will clean all the carbon, fat, oil and grease from your equipment for a full month, significantly reducing your consumption of chemicals, water and energy.

CARBSOLVE® is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly.

The Spectank® system is safe for staff and customers.

Good for Business

A Spectank® cleans black carbon, grease and other common kitchen grime more effectively than manual scrubbing and the use of cleaner equipment greatly improves the aesthetic quality of cooked and baked products.

Even though Spectank® requires minimal effort and resources, the results are outstanding – a Spectank® delivers when it comes to hard-to-clean kitchen equipment such as filters and gas rings and even works on aluminium.

A Spectank® is reliable, works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, cleans more effectively, saving you time and money.